How do I know if I've made an eftpos CHQ or SAV transaction?

Once you've inserted or swiped your card on the eftpos terminal, press CHQ or SAV and enter your PIN and complete the transaction. If you want to be completely sure, check your receipt. It will tell you if you've made a Cheque or Savings transaction.

Does a Tap (contactless) transaction count?

Some new eftpos-only cards and mobile wallets allow you to Tap & Pay with eftpos. These cards have an eftpos logo on the front. If you want to be completely sure, check your receipt. It will tell you if you've made a CHQ or SAV transaction.

What does the receipt need to say?

Your receipt will need to show one of the following: eftpos, debit, CHQ, cheque, savings or SAV, as well as the date of the transaction.

What is the purchase period and entry period?

The purchase period is between 9.00am (AEDT) Monday 12 November 2018 to 9:00am (AEDT) Sunday 09 December 2018. However, receipts can only be submitted throughout the promotion period: 9.00am (AEDT) on Monday 19 November 2018 and closes at 11:59pm (AEDT) on Sunday 09 December 2018.

I've completed an eligible transaction, now what?

Hold onto your receipt. Click here, complete all mandatory fields, take a photo of your receipt to upload, and then submit your entry.

Can I use an old eftpos receipt?

An eligible eftpos CHQ or SAV transaction must be made in accordance with the rules found in Clause 5 of the Promotion Terms and Conditions

What makes a receipt legible?

When you take a picture of your receipt the image must show the date and the account type (CHQ or SAV).

Can I enter the same receipt more than once?

No, a unique receipt must be used for each entry. Each new receipt = one new entry.

I was shopping with my partner/family and we paid at the checkout - can we both/all use this receipt to enter?

No, there is a limit of one unique receipt to one entry. Each new receipt = one new entry.

How do I know if my entry uploaded correctly?

If your entry uploaded correctly, you will be directed to a 'thank you' page and will receive an email and entry ID.

I can't upload my receipt. Why?

This may occur when your internet connection isn't strong enough to process the upload. Please ensure you have a strong WiFi connection or data network. Also check you have allowed your browser to access your camera or photo library.

Do I have to spend a certain amount when using CHQ or SAV?

No, any eftpos CHQ or SAV transaction is eligible.

Does a screenshot of your bank transaction qualify (says EFTPOS) or does it have to be a receipt?

No. We will require a picture of an eligible receipt, provided from the terminal at the time of purchase, for the entry to be counted.

What receipt do we need?

The receipt that documents the card transaction. Generally, this will be provided by the EFTPOS terminal but in some cases will be displayed on your itemised receipt from the merchant.

Where is the winner published?

We contact every winner by email, so make sure you look out for an email from "donotreply@promoplace.com.au" and check your emails daily (including your junk mail folder). Our website also has a winner's page, which has the latest winners' names.

Can I enter more than once?

Yes – you are allowed to submit multiple entries. Each entry must have a different receipt which can only be used once.

How many times can I win?

Eligible Entrants have the chance to win only one Weekly prize or one Grand Prize.

Can I win a Weekly Prize and a Grand Prize?

Eligible Entries may only win one Weekly Prize during the Promotion Period and only Eligible Entries which haven’t won the Weekly Prize will be eligible for the Grand Prize (excluding residents of South Australia).

I won but haven't received my prepaid eftpos card yet?

Please allow up to 2 months post the date you provided us with your mailing details for your prepaid eftpos card to arrive. Usually they arrive a lot sooner. If your card doesn't arrive, let eftpos know at info@eftposaustralia.com.au

Where is the prepaid eftpos card accepted?

Prepaid eftpos cards are accepted at more than 900,000 terminals in Australia. The cards should work at any merchants who accept eftpos payments.

Where are participating retailers located?

Any merchant who accepts eftpos payments.

Can my account be compromised using information on the receipt?

No, the receipt contains no information that can put your account at risk.

Queries around activation of my card?

For all queries around activation of your card please visit www.activateacard.com.au or contact Card Support @ info@giftcardplanet.com.au

How many bonus entries does a code grant me?

You receive 5 additional entries when you use a code with a valid entry and valid receipt.

How many times can I use the bonus code each week?

One code per person, per valid entry, each week.

When does the bonus clue get released?

Each Tuesday between 12pm and 3pm (AEST) during the promotional period we will release a weekly bonus clue on our Facebook page.

How do I redeem my bonus code?

When submitting your entry simply put the code in the appropriate field. Remember you will only be granted 5 bonus entries if your receipt is valid.

How many people can redeem the code each week?

The first 1,000 people to upload a valid entry and receipt.

These FAQ's are provided as guidance only and eftpos does not warrant the functionality of technology or third parties.

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